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I've always wanted to talk to you haha. We've had very neutral counters almost 2 years ago. I haven't been on this blog in such a long time and I remembered how much I loved your blogs. I'm not feeling complete enough but when I do I hope that I get to say hi. I hope you're doing well

2 years ago, woah, that sure is a long time. or at least for me, haha. i hope you feel complete enough soon to talk to me because i’m really curious to know who you are. and i hope you’re doing well too *mwah*


que marca de delineador usas? very perfecto diME TODO LO QUE USAS :D pls tu maquillaje siempre se ve grandioso

uso delineador mac y muchas gracias;; la verdad es que casi todo mi maquillaje es de natura porque mi mamá está inscrita y no tengo mucho dinero como para tener maquillajes tan caros.. mi base, blush, rímel y el delineador que uso para las cejas son de esa marca, hmm.. mi polvo y mi labial son clinique, sus productos son de muy buena calidad aunque un poco más costosos de lo que alguien joven como yo debería de gastar jaja


i'm obsessed with lips, yours are really pretty i want to have lips like yours bc mine are small u3u

oh haha, well thank you that’s very nice of you ! but hmm i have tons of pictures on my instagram and they all show my lips so i’m not sure what kind of picture you’d like to see..


i rlly need a picture of your lips

sure, but what do you need it for?


tus cejas son perfectas *A* enseñameeeeeee

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ p-perfectas? eres demasiado amable omg y sólo necesitas tener mucha paciencia y practicar jaja. también me ayuda mucho tener fleco, no se ven completas y puedo esconder lo imperfectas que son.

omfg i had a fucking midterm today and i found out 10 minutes into the class this has never happened before what have i become

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hey nana are you in any networks?

actually yes omg i completely forgot they existed haha i don’t even know if they’re still a thing but here. also, many of them are already abandoned i think? 

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