I want to murder you on a rose garden. Blood baths the roses.


anything a non binary person does is not binary. showing of cleavage? non binary boobies. lots of make up? non binary beauty. dresses? non binary fancy. stop implying that people aren’t non binary because they won’t buy into the “androgynous masculine” bullshit. a non binary person who doesn’t hide their boobs isn’t mocking you. get over yourself.

my brother got involved in a car accident today and injured his neck and he also dropped his comp this morning and it’s not working anymore plus like 4 days ago the girl he liked confessed she had been messing around with other guys even tho she told him they should stop seeing other ppl like wow circle prayer for him please :’( 🙏

匿名 asked: fave blogs?

boyirl, fohk, shi-mai, euo, m0od, endocrinez, nobodyleave